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Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

What is Self-Service Password Reset? 

Self-Service Password Reset software simplifies end-user password management by offering users a self-service tool. Enterprise-level SSPR solutions also help you enforce strong credential security policies across your organization to reduce breaches that result from poor password practices. 

The benefits of implementing an SSPR solution in your organization 

  • It reduces the workload for the help desk—you’ll free up IT help desk staff from time-consuming and inefficient processes. 
  • It improves service to end-users by streamlining their password reset request process. 
  • It improves enterprise security and reduces the risk of breaches by enforcing strong and secure end-user password controls. 

How to choose the right self-service password reset software 

When trying out SSPR software—yes, we recommend always taking full advantage of software trials before making an investment—you want a solution that first and foremost will be well-adopted. The intention is to securely improve organizational efficiency, and poor adoption will jeopardize that effort. 

Great SSPR solutions have great features!

Here are some to look out for:

  • Compliance & Security—does the password reset tool ensure your security policies are enforced and compliance regulations are met? Support regulatory compliance and security best practices with a tool that enforces strong and secure end-user password controls. Look for:
    • Secure identity verification 
    • Custom security policies 
    • Section 508 compliant 
    • SIEM integration 
    • Phone and text verification

  • Automated Management—does the software automate the user enrollment process? Automation reduces inefficient processes and the time required to manage password resets to allow IT help desk staff to work on more critical support issues. For Active Directory users, check the software can be set to automatically reset AD and Office 365 passwords, unlock AD accounts, and maintain AD attributes. Look for: 
    • Automated or custom enrollment 
    • AD attribute maintenance

  • User Experience—does the software make end-user password resets easy? Streamline your password reset process for end-users to get them back to work fast and minimize calls to the help desk. Look for: 
    • Windows logon integration and a web portal 
    • Graphical image recognition 
    • Accessible from anywhere, and on any device 

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