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     Server Suite

    Enforce just-in-time and just-enough privileges for Linux, Unix, and Windows servers and centrally manage policies from Active Directory.



    Delinea named a Leader again in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Privileged Access Management

    Protect your servers against identity-based attacks

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    Simplify User
    Authentication to Servers

    Easily consolidate complex and disparate identities for Linux and Unix natively within Microsoft Active Directory.

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    Reduce Administrative
    Access Risks

    Minimize the risk of a breach and reduce lateral movement with a flexible, just-in-time privilege elevation model.

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    Achieve Legal &
    Regulatory Compliance

    Advanced session recording, auditing, and compliance reporting aid forensic analysis into abuse of privilege.

    Consolidate identities through Active Directory to centrally manage access, authentication, and privileges

    Centralize discovery, management and user administration for Linux, Unix, and Windows systems to enable rapid identity consolidation natively into Active Directory using Delinea patented Zone technology. The results are higher levels of identity assurance and a significantly reduced attack surface with fewer identity silos, redundant identities, and local accounts.

    Centrally manage identities

    Manage privileged user and service accounts from Windows and Linux in Active Directory.

    Support best practices

    Align with regulations and best practices such as Zero Trust and zero standing privileges.

    Enforce least privilege

    Just-in-time, fine-grained access control with RBAC and our patented Zones technology.

    Enforce adaptive MFA

    Higher levels of identity assurance with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at privilege elevation.

    Improve compliance

    Complete audit trail for security review, corrective action, and compliance reporting.

    Modern, scalable architecture simplifies the management of complex AD infrastructures



    Active Directory Bridging


    Machine Identity & Credential Management


    Local Account & Group Management


    Authentication Policy Management


    Group Policy Management


    MFA Enforcement at Login and Privilege Elevation


    Just-Enough Privilege


    Just-in-Time Privilege


    Consistent Security Policy Management


    Advanced Host-Based Session Recording, Auditing, and Reporting


    Part of Server PAM solution

    Download the Server PAM datasheet for more information. 

    Server Suite supports extended PAM

    The standard definition of PAM isn’t sufficient for the growing risk of cyberattacks. We believe PAM must address the exploding number of identities and today’s IT complexities. 

    Our products provide effective authorization controls for an identity-centric approach to security. 

    Learn more about extended PAM »

    Industry-leading PAM solution for AD-joined servers

    Easily consolidate complex and disparate identities natively in Active Directory for greater security and manageability of privileged access to servers, while enforcing MFA for stronger identity assurance.

    Enforce the principle of least privilege consistently across Linux, Unix, and Windows servers.

    Identify abuse of privilege, thwart attacks, and easily prove regulatory compliance with a detailed audit trail and session recordings that capture all privileged activity on AD-joined servers.

    Zero Trust Privilege for Dummies eBook

    Zero Trust Privilege for Dummies

    Understand the basics of Zero Trust and its relevance to Privileged Access Management. Learn how to assess your organization’s Zero Trust maturity. 

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    Delinea Leader in PIM, Forrester Wave

    Thycotic named a Leader in Forrester Wave™ Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

    Learn why Delinea, bringing Thycotic and Centrify together, delivers combined strengths for PIM solutions that received the highest scores for SaaS/Cloud, Product Innovation, and PIM Installed Base.

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