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     DevOps Secrets Vault

    Manage credentials for applications, databases, CI/CD tools, and services without causing friction in the development process 

    DevOps Secrets Vault Screenshot

    DevOps Secrets Vault provides instant availability of secrets, SSH keys, certificates, API keys, and tokens

    Applications and Databases Icon

    Applications and databases

    Enable app-to-app communications and app-to-database access without hardcoding credentials.

    DevOps Toolchains Icon

    DevOps toolchains

    Secure access to tools for software and infrastructure deployment, testing, orchestration, and configuration.

    RPA Icon

    Robotic Process Automation

    Centrally manage, control, and audit secrets for automated processes that operate without human oversight.

    Reduce DevOps secrets sprawl across your attack surface. 

    With DevOps Secrets Vault you can securely provide secrets at the speed and agility DevOps needs to stay competitive


    DevOps Secrets Vault helps you…

    Establish secure vault

    Store DevOps privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault in minutes.

    Manage secrets

    Consolidate disparate DevOps vaults for easier secret rotation and a central audit trail.

    Automate and scale

    Match the pace of DevOps pipelines and RPA deployments with CLI and APIs.

    Issue certificates

    Issue X.509 and SSH certificates. Enable automated certificate signing and distribution.

    Remove standing access

    Provide Just-in-Time access to databases and cloud platforms with URLs that expire automatically.

    Try DevOps Secrets Vault for free

    See how you can simplify password management at DevOps speed and scale. Empower developers, engineers, and other IT teams to conduct their work securely, with a centralized, policy-based DevOps secrets management system.




    Deploy rapidly with cloud-native SaaS architecture and elastic scalability that static, IP-based PAM solutions can’t provide.


    Advanced Automation

    Tap into command-line interface (CLI) and REST API. Simplify human navigation with CLI wizards for PKI, SIEM, Policy, and Auth-provider commands.


    Infinite Scalability

    Eliminate the need to add servers.


    High Availability

    Ensure 99.999% availability.


    Disaster Recovery

    Add a layer of protection with hot standby for rapid switchover.


    Local Caching

    Easily handle high-performance workloads.


    Cloud Authentication

    Assign AWS roles, Azure Service Principles, or GCP service accounts to servers (EC2, VMs) and authenticate to DSV.

    Download the DevOps Secrets Vault datasheet for more information.

    Try DevOps Secrets Vault
    free tool

    DevOps Secrets Vault supports extended PAM

    The standard definition of PAM isn’t sufficient for the growing risk of cyberattacks. We believe PAM must address the exploding number of identities and today’s IT complexities. 

    Our products provide effective authorization controls for an identity-centric approach to security. 

    Learn more about extended PAM »


    DevOps Secrets Vault
    is optimized for machines

    • Application to application communications
    • Application to database access
    • DevOps tools for software and infrastructure deployment, testing, orchestration, and configuration
    • Robotic Process Automation

    Secret Server is optimized for humans

    • GUI centric
    • Sharing Secrets/Controlled Access
    • Session Management and Recording
    • Heartbeat
    • Password Rotation/li>
    • Compliance and Reporting

    Critical Controls for Modern Cloud Security 

    The rapid, iterative DevOps workflow exposes numerous security vulnerabilities. 
    Download the whitepaper to see how PAM for the cloud lowers your risk. 

    Download the whitepaper