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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies' reduce cyber risk with privileged access management(PAM)

Delinea PAM protects your financial systems and your clients’ data from ransomware and data theft

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Attacks on the financial sector are increasingly frequent, dangerous, and costly.

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Data breaches and ransomware lead to regulatory fines, shareholder lawsuits, and loss of customer confidence.

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Modern PAM mitigates cyberthreats from reaching sensitive financial data and systems to increase your cyber resilience.

Centralize and unify your defense against cybercriminals

Even as you fortify your defenses, cybercriminals are leveraging privileged credentials to infiltrate financial infrastructure and access credit card information, bank statements, PII, and other financial data.

Seamlessly extend PAM security across your entire IT infrastructure, including privileged access to servers, databases, and applications used in the finance industry. Enable users with granular, just-in-time access so they have exactly what they need to do their jobs at the right time.

Cybercriminals must take greater risks to enter and circulate through an organization so they move on or get caught before they can cause damage.

Delinea works seamlessly with financial company systems to secure business-critical data, improve productivity, and unify the management of privileged access across your entire PAM landscape.

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Privileged Access Management Policy Template

Privileged Access Management Policy Template

Get started creating PAM compliance policies for your organization with 40+ pre-written policy statements, based on requirements outlined by CIS, NIST, PCI and HIPAA.

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“It’s fast and easy and it just works. I have used other solutions, and most of them I did not like. I went looking for something that wasn’t them.”

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Ensure seamless, secure access

As your privileged account access changes, your threat landscape grows. It is critical that your expectations for PAM adapt and scale.

As your infrastructure evolves and diversifies, Delinea ensures a centralized view and management of privileged accounts and activity with consistent, policy-based management.

With Delinea, you quickly manage privileges across all identity types through unified and centralized management to optimize productivity while enhancing security.

See how to manage and secure access without complex actions or policies »

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Confirm user identities before granting or elevating privileged access to financial systems

With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), you can tie identities to privileged account use, so even if credentials are stolen or shared, unauthorized users can’t leverage them for privileged access.

Delinea’s built-in MFA checks identities at all major access gates, including login and privilege elevation, for an added layer of identity assurance.

See how Server PAM enforces MFA at depth »

Financial Systems

Meet audit and compliance requirements for the finance industry

All major compliance bodies that impact financial organizations agree that protecting privileged credentials and access is essential to protecting sensitive data and business continuity.

Delinea PAM supports compliance with:
  • PCI-DSS for credit card payments
  • SOX to prevent insider fraud
  • NCUA for credit unions
  • 23 NYCRR 500 for New York-based financial institutions
  • FISMA/NIST for financial operations related to the federal government
  • and more

Learn about Secret Server’s audit and compliance capabilities »

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Ensure least privilege best practices and improve your security posture across the enterprise, even as roles, permissions, and IT resources change.

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