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    Extended Privileged Access
    Management (PAM)

    Reduce your attack surface with a single solution
    that helps you start fast and grow smart.

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    Increasing IT complexity and endless security solutions make it challenging to effectively protect against attacks.

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    You don’t have an accurate view of your risk and miss critical gaps in your privileged access strategy.

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    A comprehensive PAM solution gives you full visibility and lets you scale seamlessly to reduce risk.

    Your threat landscape is increasingly diverse and complex

    Remote work, hybrid IT environments, and new types of applications are expanding your privileged account attack surface. The number of human and machine identities, endpoints, infrastructure, and apps has exploded.

    Meeting compliance standards and avoiding costly data breaches and ransomware attacks demands effective privileged access controls for all these use cases.
    XPM Threat Landscape

    Disconnected security solutions create dangerous security gaps

    Standalone cybersecurity solutions each solve part of the identity and access challenge, but without coordination or consistency.

    That means you’re constantly switching screens and wasting time. Policies and risk models don’t align and don’t account for dependencies. You can’t demonstrate progress to your executive team with confidence.

    Cybersecurity Pro with Computers

    Extended PAM (XPM) enables comprehensive identity and access management
    across the full attack surface

    XPMredefines PAM to treat all users as privileged users and address complex IT environments.

    XPM ensures scalability by treating identity as the common thread for authentication and applying policy-based authorization controls to meet Zero Trust and least privilege best practices.

    Our vision for XPM is:

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    To prevent identity/credential theft by increasing visibility and discovery across all identities.

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    To establish controls over all privileged access to restrict unnecessary lateral movement

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    To limit privilege escalation by adapting access when and where needed with analytics-informed policies

    Privileged Access Management Maturity Whitepaper

    Model for Privileged Access Management Maturity

    A framework to help you systematically lower risk, increase business agility, and improve operational efficiency.
    Expert’s Guide to PAM Success

    Expert’s Guide to PAM Success

    The people, process, and technology you need to execute an advanced PAM strategy.

    Delinea’s vision for Extended PAM

    Delinea consolidates identities across environments, secures secrets, provides granular, just-in-time access, and employs automation and machine learning to predict and respond to cyberattack.

    Solutions for Extended PAM

    Full-featured, free trials get you up and running fast

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    Free trial

    Secret Server 

    Vault credentials, ensure password complexity, and delegate role-based access. 

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    free trial

    Cloud Suite 

    Govern PAM polices and control access and privileges for cloud-hosted servers. 

    free trial

    Account Lifecycle Manager

    Seamless service account governance from discovery and provisioning through decommissioning.
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    Free Trial

    Privilege Manager  

    Remove local admin rights and implement policy-based application control in a single solution. 

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    free trial

    Privileged Behavior Analytics  

    Increase accountability and oversight of privileged sessions. 

    free trial

    DevOps Secrets Vault

    Protect secrets DevOps teams and RPA tools need