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    Protect your educational institution from ransomware and data misuse

    Students, faculty, and parents trust you to keep their personal data safe. Don’t let them down.

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    Legacy IT systems and distributed environments increase your risk of data misuse and attack.

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    Cyberattacks are costly and disrupt learning. Your community loses trust.

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    Proactively manage privileged access and activity for granular control and oversight.

    Don’t be the next victim of ransomware

    Three quarters of educational institutions suffered a ransomware attack last year, according to CyberEdge.

    Inadequate access controls open the door for ransomware and allow attacks to progress. If a cyberattack gains access to one system, it may be able to exploit and elevate privileged credentials to move throughout your IT environment.

    Privileged access management (PAM) controls privileges centrally and automatically to mitigate risk, while seamlessly allowing users the access they need.

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    Privileged Access Management Policy Template

    Privileged Access Management Policy Template

    Get started creating PAM compliance policies for your organization with 40+ pre-written policy statements, based on requirements outlined by CIS, NIST, PCI and HIPAA.

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    Ensure seamless, secure access to the cloud

    You’ve got a diverse array of systems for coursework, enrollment management, financial aid, and other student services. Your network is a patchwork of LMS, SIS, ERP and CRM applications, increasingly hosted in the cloud.

    Privileged access management in the cloud is the most secure, most flexible way implement effective access controls across all your privileged accounts to keep your mission-critical data secure and staff and students data safe.

    See how to manage secure access with more efficiency, security and visibility »

    Ensure Access for Students

    Confirm user identities before granting or elevating privileged access

    With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), you can tie identities directly to privileged account use, so even if credentials are stolen or shared, unauthorized users can’t leverage them for privileged access.

    Delinea's built-in MFA checks identities at all major access gates, including login and privilege elevation, for an added layer of identity assurance.

    See how Server PAM identities with enhanced MFA »

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    Meet audit and compliance requirements for educational institutions

    All major compliance bodies that impact educational institutions agree that protecting privileged credentials with access control and MFA are essential elements of a security strategy.

    Delinea PAM supports compliance mandates from:

    • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect student records
    • HIPAA for electronic personal health information
    • PCI for credit card payments
    • FISMA/NIST for conducting research funded by the federal government

    See how Secret Server on the Delinea Platform helps you meet least standing privilege, audit and compliance requirements with increased security, visibility and efficiency »

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    Protect workstations for distance learning, hybrid classrooms, and remote work

    Remote students, parents, faculty, and staff must be able to access your systems securely wherever they learn and work, from their personal workstation.

    With policy-based access controls and zero trust best practices, people get access only to the systems and data they need, when they need it, without the need for risky local administrator rights.

    See how Privilege Manager removes local administrator rights on workstations and blocks unapproved commands and applications from running »

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    See why educational institutions love Delinea

    University of San Diego consolidated siloed systems and transitioned to cloud PAM for consistency and uptime  

    Duquesne University discovered unknown, shared privileged accounts and now meets compliance requirements 

    University of Central Florida protects student, donor, and alumni data with access control and PAM 

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