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    Cybersecurity for Dummies


    Cybersecurity for Dummies 

    Easy, effective way to educate employees about defending themselves and your organization

    It’s easy. It’s free. It’s just plain smart.

    This free eBook, Cybersecurity for Dummies, delivers a fast, easy read that describes what everyone needs to know to defend themselves and their organizations against cyberattacks, including simple steps everyone can take to protect themselves at work and at home. It empowers your employees to understand and recognize the most common cybersecurity threats they face in their daily work and personal lives and includes topics like:

    • Recognizing cybersecurity threats—even the newest ones
    • Responding to a cyberattack quickly, effectively, and appropriately
    • The top 10 actions for protecting yourself from a cyberattack, at work and at home

    This quick, 24-page booklet explains in simple terms how cybercriminals target their victims, what employees can do to reduce their risk, and how they can make it much more difficult for attackers to steal passwords and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.



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