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Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders: Benchmarking Security Gaps & Privileged Access

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Learn from your industry peers’ journeys to protecting privileged identities, stages of privilege access security, what they have achieved so far, and how to get the most value out of your cybersecurity investment.

More than 2000 IT security leaders around the world shared their insights to create this research study. The broad reach of this study provides an opportunity to compare the PAM-related activities and attitudes of IT security practitioners with varying levels of responsibility, in different countries, industries, and companies of all sizes.

Given that numerous studies have found credentials are the most common attack vector, we wanted to know what IT security leaders are doing to reduce the risk of an attack. Specifically, we set out to learn as much as possible about why organizations adopt Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a key security strategy.

We explored questions such as: How are they confirming identities and leveraging access controls? How are they forcing attackers to take more risks and catch them in the act? And, how well are those strategies embedded in their organization?

What you will learn from your industry peers in this webinar:

  • How many organizations have experienced an identity-related data breach?
  • Which types of privileged identities are exposed and are vulnerable to attackers?
  • Over the next 12 months what is the focus area on improving privileges and security controls?
  • Which types of security controls are in place today to protect privileges?
  • Does the Executive Board understand the priority and back it with budget and resources?
  • Who are the trusted influencers when it comes to making security decisions on privileged identities?