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Ultimate Password Cracking Techniques Used by Hackers

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Ever wonder how a cyber-criminal cracks a password? Stealing your credentials is a common technique used by criminal hackers to access your sensitive information.  In honor of Change Your Password Day, Delinea is focusing on the most common and complex password cracking techniques to give you a better understanding of how you can protect your credentials.

Watch as we demonstrate a live privileged account hack with readily available tools cyber criminals use every day to crack your passwords and gain access to sensitive information. By thinking like a hacker, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead in making it more difficult and reduce the risks of your enterprise passwords becoming the next victim.

Who should attend this webinar?

IT Security
CISO and Executive Leadership
New to PAM
PAM experts
IT operations: Systems Administrators, Helpdesk Teams, Infrastructure Management, Workstation Management, etc.
Compliance and Audit

What will I learn?

Gain a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques cyber criminals use to crack passwords and elevate access. You’ll also get an insider’s view on how cyber criminals keep their own credentials secure.

Get the answers to these important questions:

  • What does a real-time privileged account hack look like?
  • How often should we change our passwords to meet NIST’s 2020 guidelines?
  • What are the current best methods to reduce the risks against a privileged account attack?