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Passwords and Passwordless Authentication Survey Report

As consumer technology brands and the FIDO Alliance create demand for passwordless authentication, you’re bound to hear that your employees expect the same type of seamless login experience at work.  

However, workplaces have complex technology and process requirements that are tied to traditional password-based authentication. Plus, even if you remove passwords from your workplace, you’ll still need to show auditors you’re properly authenticating users and providing them with the appropriate level of access. 

In this report, see what 300 IT and cybersecurity leaders say about the current and future state of workplace passwords, including the potential for passwordless authentication. Learn how workplace passwords are evolving, supplemented by stronger, easier forms of authentication.  

Find out: 

  • What’s expected for the login experience of the future? 
  • Which technologies are most likely to replace the traditional password? 
  • How are organizations dealing with legacy tools that aren’t built for passwordless authentication?
  • What security concerns remain even if passwords disappear? 
  • How can you meet password compliance requirements if your organization doesn’t have passwords? 

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