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Generate, secure and manage SSH keys

Generate, store, rotate and manage SSH Keys.


With Windows machines constantly the center of security attention, more organizations are deploying Unix machines. Unix/Linux operating systems are open source, making it possible to spin up multiple systems at very little cost.

Typically, system administrators gain access to Unix systems over SSH using generated keys, typically a private/public keypair. This file-based authentication system can provide a single user’s private key with access to machines that have corresponding public keys. Too often, an authorized keys file is used to gain access to multiple machines without SSH key rotation.


If a single private key is compromised, a malicious user could gain uncontrolled access to any corresponding Unix system. Additionally, providing third-party organizations access to Unix systems is difficult, as it requires the generation and use of a keypair or authorized keys file that may not be protected by the third party.


SSH Key Management for Secret Server allows you to bring the generation, rotation, control, and protection of SSH keys directly into Secret Server. With Role-Based Access Control and permission sets, you can control who has access to which sets of keys, regardless of location or IP address, for each of your Unix-based endpoints. Tie in these keys to access workflows such as “Secret Checkout” and you can finally provide third-party access to your Unix systems without worrying if a key is compromised.

Secret Server enables SSH key rotation on demand or on schedule, updating keypairs within Secret Server and on every endpoint they are used. With a complete audit history available, you can also quickly show auditors that access to these systems is controlled, managed, and monitored every second of every day.

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Additional Information

SSH Key Management is part of the Unix Protection add-on pack.

SSH Keys are largely left unprotected beyond a simple passphrase.

With the SSH key manager feature in Secret Server you can:

  • Generate new SSH Key Pairs
  • Store your SSH Keys in an encrypted vault
  • Rotate your SSH Keys on all of your endpoints that use keys for authentication
  • Audit the ownership and use of all keys across your organization
  • Centralize your SSH Key management process

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