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ThycoticCentrify Unveils New “Definitive Guide to Securing Privileged Access”

Santa Clara, Calif., and Washington, DC April 22, 2021 ThycoticCentrify, a leading provider of cloud identity security solutions formed by the merger of Privileged Access Management (PAM) leaders Thycotic and Centrify, today announced the availability of a new Definitive Guide to Securing Privileged Access. Published in conjunction with CyberEdge Group, the free eBook addresses the urgent challenges of protecting a multitude of users accessing critical data in the cloud.

The guide explains how the rapidly evolving IT landscape has made traditional approaches to PAM obsolete as more organizations than ever rely on applications and services hosted in the cloud. The ebook explains that “every user potentially has access to privileged or sensitive information. This means the compromise of a single user’s credentials can all too readily be exploited by cyber criminals to escalate privileges and gain access across your entire network, undetected.”

ThycoticCentrify’s “Definitive Guide to Securing Privileged Access” explores:

  • The basics of PAM and how the discipline is evolving.
  • The risks associated with privileged access when transitioning to the cloud. 
  • How to align PAM with overall security priorities and the elements needed for a successful program.
  • Next steps for securing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures.
  • What to look for when choosing advanced privileged access security solutions.

“Our goal at ThycoticCentrify is to help our customers manage their users securely, from IT admins to the C-suite, to third-party contractors,” said James Legg, president at ThycoticCentrify. “This guide helps to educate and lay the groundwork for IT professionals to plan and enforce a least privilege security strategy as they move to the cloud.”

Download a complimentary copy of the Guide.