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Delinea Releases “Cloud Server Privilege Management for Dummies” eBook

Redwood City, CA October 11, 2022 Delinea, a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions for seamless security, today released “Cloud Server Privilege Management for Dummies,” a new eBook immediately available in print and digital editions. The complimentary resource puts best practices for cloud server security front and center to simplify complexities around securing access to business-critical resources.

According to the 2022 Thales Cloud Security Report, 45% of businesses have experienced a cloud-based data breach or failed audit in the past twelve months, suggesting that almost half of organizations are highly vulnerable to cloud server security breaches. Server security is critically tied to securing accounts and their associated entitlements for logging into machines and running privileged commands and applications.

“While the pandemic was a call to action for many organizations to expedite their cloud initiatives, most were already moving towards multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure,” said Tony Goulding, Senior Director, Technical Product Marketing at Delinea and co-author of the new Dummies book. “What many had not been focusing on as part of their efforts was shifting from a reactive to proactive security posture when it comes to privileged access management of cloud resources. This book helps any organization protect distributed IT server infrastructure in hybrid- or multi-cloud environments to reduce risk.”

As with other editions in the popular Dummies books series, “Cloud Server Privilege Management for Dummies” helps guide IT professionals in clear language and with examples to help them tackle some of their biggest cloud server security challenges, including:

  • Getting visibility into assets and permissions to facilitate proactive risk mitigation with granular controls
  • Reducing lateral movement between cloud resources to minimize the possibilities of data exfiltration or encryption for ransom in case of breach
  • Enforcing least privilege with a zero trust approach to ensure authenticated, legitimate users only have access to what they need, when they need it

“Time and again we see that the biggest risks to organizations are typically related to over-privileged users, standing privileges on resources, and not understanding the shared responsibility model when it comes to cloud,” said Chris Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Delinea. “This Dummies book clearly lays out how to address all of those areas of concern in one free resource.”

Delinea offers a range of complimentary informative resources to further help organizations secure their on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid infrastructure, including six additional Dummies books, educational publications, whitepapers, tools, blogs, and more. 

Visit to download “Cloud Server Privilege Management for Dummies” and more.

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