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Thycotic Announces Endpoint Privilege Management Solution for Unix/Linux

Washington, D.C., March 2, 2021 — Thycotic, provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions for more than 12,500 organizations worldwide, including 25 of the Fortune 100, today announced new privilege management capabilities for workstations running Unix and Linux. The latest release of Thycotic’s Privilege Manager solution includes a Sudo plugin that saves Unix/Linux administrators time, while still providing granular control over privileged activities.

According to the Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, eighty percent of breaches involve compromised credentials, making them one of the most common entry points for threats. Unix and Linux endpoints are typically the most valuable targets because they rely on “root” accounts, which provide unrestricted access to all commands, files, directories, and resources.

Until now, privilege security for Unix/Linux has been cumbersome and expensive to set up. Skilled administrators use Sudo commands to enforce a least privilege policy on Unix/Linux endpoints, which then must be maintained and updated on multiple, distributed systems. With the latest release of Thycotic’s Privilege Manager, enterprises can protect all critical IT systems, regardless of operating platform, with a central solution. Policies can be set to allow, deny, and elevate privileges when required. For IT operations and security teams, this means all endpoints and servers throughout an organization follow consistent least privilege and Zero Trust policies, which makes compliance easier to demonstrate.

Some teams will always prefer Unix and Linux to Windows or Mac due to their flexibility as well as their open-source nature,” said Jai Dargan, Vice President of Product Management at Thycotic. “Security leaders need to include all types of IT systems and all parts of an organization in a common security strategy and ensure they follow security policies consistently. This is now possible by incorporating Unix/Linux security seamlessly into Privilege Manager.”

The latest version of Privilege Manager makes deployment even faster. In addition to the Unix/Linux plugin, it includes a new policy framework that can be enabled in seconds to remove local admin rights, as well as greater automation and enhancements to reporting.

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