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Transform identity security with Privilege Control for Servers on the Delinea Platform


The best security practices are multi-layered to drive down risk. When admins use back doors to access servers, security leaders lose visibility into session activity and control over a company’s most valuable resources.

Without layered security controls on the host, there’s no way to know who is accessing servers or what each user is doing. As a result, you can’t demonstrate sufficient oversight to auditors and regulators, identify and contain risky privileged behavior, or conduct accurate post-event forensics.

The release of the new Privilege Control for Servers enables you to take back control even if you’ve got a diverse, multi-cloud environment across Windows, Linux, and Unix servers. Now, you can easily authenticate users’ privileged access to servers and maintain continuous oversight of individual user activity and behavior. For the first time, you can manage granular privileged access across your entire server environment from a single solution.

Privilege Control for Servers layers multiple authorization and authentication security controls to interrupt the attack chain and contain identity-based attacks.

Privilege Control for Servers: Components

Privilege Control for Servers enables teams to: 

  • Continually discover assets, identities, and related privileges in your dynamic IT environment to ensure ongoing visibility across servers, accounts, and identities, and apply consistent policies. 

  • Efficiently manage just-in-time, just-enough access that supports zero trust and least privilege best practices. Instead of relying on overprivileged identities or standing privileges that increase your attack surface, you can ensure that all identities have only the privileges they need, when they need them.

  • Verify identities with layers of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enforcement, from server log-in to privilege elevation. That way, you’ll know if credentials have fallen into the wrong hands before privileged access is granted and activities are performed. 

  • Enforce privilege controls directly on each machine to prevent unauthorized access and lateral movement across servers. 

  • Monitor, record, and centralize an audit trail of individual privileged activity on each server to demonstrate compliance, streamline reporting, and isolate anomalous behavior. Host-based monitoring and recording occur directly on your servers, so you collect granular data that can’t be edited.

Adding Privilege Control for Servers to the Delinea Platform is an important milestone in delivering Extended PAM. These advanced capabilities build on the foundational PAM solutions like Secret Server to enforce least privilege on the server.

Adapting security controls to your evolving environment is critical to remaining secure as privileged access needs and user needs grow with your organization. Having full visibility across every privileged asset and privileged identity while effectively controlling and monitoring that access from login to individual user activity not only improves your security posture but also makes teams more effective and productive.

Now, with both Secret Server and Privilege Control for Servers on the Delinea Platform, you gain cross-solution visibility for consistent, policy-based management and oversight.

Why one platform vs. standalone solutions?

With the Delinea Platform, IT and security teams can layer security on privileged activities with Secret Server for shared credentials, privileged remote access for all users, and privilege controls on the host to effectively address different identity threats.

Built using modern cloud architecture, the Delinea Platform is more resilient, provides more capabilities across your organization, and reduces the expanding tech stack that most teams are currently managing.

Leveraging the Delinea Platform to simplify Privileged Access Management (PAM) across credentials and identities can quickly and consistently provide you with seamless updates, enhancements, and innovations. This approach and built-in flexibility address your needs and your ability to respond to evolving threats safely and reliably using modern best practices.

  • With a comprehensive inventory, you can securely manage and control all privileged assets, authorizations, and systems accessible to a privileged user from a single location, making it more efficient to manage machines.

  • Instead of evaluating privileged behavior across multiple siloed systems and then aggregating it into a report, you can identify risky entitlements and lateral movement across multiple systems simplifying reporting and administration.

  • You can quickly complete cross-solution identity and access management tasks via a centralized platform rather than via each tool individually. Because you aren’t switching from screen to screen, you’ll be more efficient and can invest your time in other strategic work.

We’re excited to share how Privilege Control for Servers on the Delinea Platform can transform the way you manage access and reduce the risk of identity-based attacks. Join the webinar for a live demonstration. Try the interactive demo to explore Privilege Control for Servers at your own pace.