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A Need for Speed: What’s a High-Speed Vault and why do DevOps teams need one?


You did your research and you’ve heard what the analysts are saying—your company needs a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, and that starts with a secrets vault. If you’re looking for a vaulting solution for your DevOps and IT team, a more traditional secrets vault may not be fast enough.

Here are some questions to help you better understand how and why a high-speed vault is best for your DevOps teams.

Robotics IconDo you need a vault for human or non-human accounts?

Is the primary use of your vault to manage secrets for humans, such as people’s credentials like usernames and passwords? In this scenario, you provision and de-provision privileges for individuals manually. Learn more about vaulting for human credentials here!

Dev Ops teams need vaulting for non-human accounts, along with another additional need—speed. DevOps teams must vault SSH keys, tokens, API keys, and certificates that provision non-human privileged accounts. Vaulting these secrets has significantly greater speed requirements.

Let’s dive into why high speed is needed.

DevOps teams push frequent code changes, with the goal of improving speed while simultaneously reducing the chances of defects and conflicts during project integration. This results in faster builds and delivers quicker results.

The rapid, iterative DevOps workflow often exposes many security vulnerabilities directly tied to privilege management.  Every container, server, and application can have privileged access, dramatically expanding the attack surface for intruders looking for an entry point. As a result, there is a real struggle from trying to balance high-speed DevOps practices with necessary security practices. Does this sound like what you and your DevOps teams are dealing with? If so, a high-speed vault is in order.

Integration IconHow frequently will systems need to integrate?

Some service and application accounts connect to a database periodically to perform bulk updates. For these situations, a central vault like Delinea’s Secret Server fits the bill. On the other extreme, IoT applications and cloud development require a higher level of speed and scale. These systems connect hundreds—even thousands—of times each day.

If you have a high number of users simultaneously performing transactions, you’ll need a vault with greater speed than a basic API can achieve. The configuration management tools, orchestration tools, and containerization tools used by DevOps teams all need the increased velocity ability of a high-speed vault.

Preferences IconHow frequently will systems change?

Is your goal to manage credentials for static, IP-based solutions? Or, do you work in dynamic, virtual environments with frequently changing applications and machines?

In DevOps environments, teams spin up hundreds of applications, containers, and servers across their test, dev and production environments. These assets can also be rapidly decommissioned. Administrative privileges are used by the configuration management and orchestration systems that continually spin up new servers, install software and make configuration changes.

These accounts must be discovered, protected, controlled, and managed. Microservices and containers demand more speed than a typical PAM solution can handle. If this sounds like you, you’re going to need a high-speed vault.

Delinea’s own high-speed secrets vault for DevOps

Delinea’s DevOps Secrets Vault is a high-speed vault capable of high-velocity secrets creation, archiving, and retrieval. This cloud-based solution is platform agnostic and designed to replace hard-coded credentials in apps for access to other apps, databases, and services, DevOps tools, and robotic process automation. This vault ensures IT and DevOps teams the speed and agility needed to stay competitive without sacrificing security.

Dynamic secrets management delivered as a service empowers organizations to adopt modern DevOps and RPA principles easily and securely. DevOps Secrets Vault centralizes management, enforces access, and provides automated logging trails. Now companies can include their DevOps in minimizing privilege account sprawl and harden their attack surface to lower risk of attack without sacrificing productivity.

Try our DevOps Secrets Vault free tool!

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Manage DevOps secrets safely

With DevOps Secrets Vault you can securely provide secrets at the speed and agility DevOps needs to stay competitive.