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SECRET SERVER FEATURE: Enhanced Auditing, Reporting, and Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate compliance


Overview of Enhanced Auditing, Reporting, and Compliance:

Reporting is a crucial component of your PAM program. Security teams must be able to see at a glance how well policies are followed and where there are exceptions.

Secret Server features help you meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate compliance to satisfy internal and external auditors. Out-of-the-box and custom reporting features save time and make executive reviews and audits painless.

Audit capabilities are core platform capabilities on the Delinea Platform and offer enhanced details and visibility. Learn more about Shared Capabilities of the Delinea Platform.

Audit Reports

When someone leaves your organization, you can easily assess and control your vulnerability risk by using the User Audit Report feature in Secret Server password management software.

Select a user and date range in Secret Server and instantly display every password, or Secret, the user accessed. Then, you can expire each Secret, immediately decreasing the likelihood of a security breach. The User Audit Report is a necessity for those needing to comply with internal and/or external information security mandates.

The User Audit Report

  • Helps SEC-regulated companies comply with the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 and other regulatory compliance needs.
  • Records all actions a user takes on a password, like creating, updating, sharing passwords, etc.
  • Assists in ensuring that all passwords are used properly.

Secrets Audit Reports

In addition to the User Audit Report, which focuses on the user, the Secret Audit Report provides accurate details on the Secret itself. Users can protect their sensitive information by monitoring the level of activity on any Secret they have access to.

High-security, time-saving features like this are among the characteristics of Secret Server that make this enterprise-level password management software so popular with IT Admins.


Dual Control

Secret Server maintains an immutable audit log of privileged user activity which your IT and security team may wish to review. Some regulations, particularly in Europe, require two people to be present in order to view sensitive reports or recordings. This requirement is referred to by different names: Dual Control, Four Eyes Principle, and Two-Man or Two-Person Principle.

Access requires the participation of two people who each hold half of the key. In terms of Secret Server, the two parts of the key are the passwords of two people: the individual needing to review the report or recording and the approver.

With Secret Server’s Dual Control feature, you can assign approvers directly in Secret Server and require that the approver enter appropriate credentials before a specific report or recording can be viewed.


Event Subscriptions

Event Subscriptions are customizable alerts that send email notifications to users or administrators.

Secret Server’s Event Subscriptions feature can be set up to alert you when specified actions are performed or events occur, such as:

  • Unlimited Administration Mode toggle
  • Secret Edit/Add/View
  • Role and Group Assignment changes
  • Secret expiration
  • Configuration changes
  • Heartbeat failure when a password is invalid

Scheduled Reports

With the Scheduled Reports feature, you can set reports to be generated on a regular schedule and sent via email to yourself, your management team, or auditors.

With the Health Check option, you receive an email only when a report has content. This useful option lets you target unusual events, such as when a user views more than 50 secrets in one day, for immediate alerts. You may want to receive Failed Heartbeat reports as soon as issues occur, but other reports may be scheduled weekly or monthly.


Custom Reports

Secret Server comes with dozens of out-of-the-box reports to assist with security, system health, and compliance. You can also easily create a custom report with database queries. Reports can include charts and rollup graphs for visualization and can be regularly scheduled to update the appropriate team.

Secret Server’s reports are SQL-based, which provides a standard and easily testable way to retrieve data from the database. Reports are protected through RBAC, so you can limit which users can create or vG8iew reports.

See this KB article for instructions on creating custom reports with dynamic parameters and reporting schema, and learn how to schedule reports.


FIPS Compliance

To accommodate U.S. Federal agencies and private organizations that must meet the Federal Information Processing Standard, you can enable Secret Server’s FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithm.

NIST issued the FIPS standard to coordinate the requirements and standards for cryptography in software.

For instructions on enabling FIPS compliance in Secret Server, read “Enabling FIPS Compliance in Secret Server.”

For more information on how Secret Server meets regulatory and compliance standards, please visit our  Trust Center


Privileged Behavior Analytics

Are you looking for deeper analytics?

Check out Privileged Behavior Analytics as an add-on to Secret Server.

Detect anomalies in privileged account behavior so you can take action before a cyber threat becomes a cyber catastrophe.



Insights is a Shared capability of the Delinea Platform, providing a streamlined view and collective audit and behavioral analytics, driving accountability and visibility to mitigate risk. Users can configure threat scores and trigger alerts based on specific behaviors.


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