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How much does your PAM software really cost?

PAM Total Cost of Ownership Checklist

Measure the true price of Privileged Access Management software.

How much does your PAM software really cost? 

Many Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions have hidden costs beyond the initial price tag. They require you to purchase additional hardware, software, or professional services. As a result, your Total Cost of Ownership ends up much higher than anticipated. 
To compare the true price of PAM solutions, make sure you factor in all the variables. Consider what it costs to get up and running and to maintain and grow over time. Calculate the price of PAM software license fees, plus supporting infrastructure and services. 

The Total Cost of Ownership Checklist helps you ask critical questions and weigh all the cost factors, so you can compare options and budget before you buy. The right decision can increase your competitive advantage and prepare you for the future, while the impact of making the wrong decision will be felt for years.  

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