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Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders: Regional Security Report

Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders:
Regional Edition

ANZ, Africa & Middle East, Asia, Brazil, Europe, UK & Ireland

Each region and country is unique in its way to fight cyberthreats. The landscape in which security professionals operate differs greatly from country to country.

Disposable budget, level of support from the C-level, and types of attacks influence security leaders on a daily basis and shape their priorities and strategies.

We interviewed 2,100 experienced security professionals representing 19 countries and regions and 16 industries to create global benchmarks.

We have then analyzed regional data and compiled 6 reports so you can get a detailed overview/accurate picture of the cybersecurity outlook.

In these reports we have covered 17 countries and regions:

  • ANZ: Australia & New Zealand
  • Asia: Singapore & Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan & Hong Kong, India
  • Africa & Middle East: UAE & Saudi Arabia, South Africa
  • Brazil
  • Europe: UK & Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland,
  • UK & Ireland

You will learn how peers in your country are approaching threats, what challenges they face, and what strategies are preferred in your region.

We’ve organized these reports into three parts:

  • Risks and challenges – most common threats and types of attacks
  • The current approach to privileged access and security – methods and practices used to secure businesses
  • Strategies and priorities – methods and plans to counter attacks and make business safer.

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Note: The conclusions in this research were based only on the number of answers provided by the respondents

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Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders: Benchmarking Security Gaps and Privileged Access

This report reveals insights from 2100 IT security leaders, detailing what obstacles stand in their way, and where they’re making future investments. See results across 19 countries and 16 industries.   

Within, you’ll also find insights to put the research into context. Expert recommendations shed light on where you should be spending your time and give you a head start on planning your next moves.   

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