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Cover: Achieving Least Privilege with CIEM and Enterprise-scale PAM

Achieving Least Privilege with CIEM and Enterprise-Scale PAM

Get control over your cloud enterprise identities and permissions to reduce your attack surface

Identity and access management for cloud services is often—time-consuming, disorganized, and prone to errors and misconfigurations. The result is over-privileging—or giving accounts more access than they need—which goes against security best practices and increases risk.

To solve these challenges, a new type of approach known as Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) leverages adaptive analytics and machine learning to improve the effectiveness of IAM. With CIEM, identity-centric solutions incorporate data-driven recommendations to intelligently govern entitlements to cloud and hybrid environments. They shorten the path to right-sizing permissions and help you set them correctly the first time.

This whitepaper serves as a starting point to help you eliminate risky standing privileges and provides a foundation for a least privilege security framework.

Get your copy to learn:

  • What least privilege security is
  • Some of the common challenges to least privilege
  • The shortcomings of identity access management solutions for the cloud
  • How Authomize addresses Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management
  • How the exciting new partnership between Authomize and Delinea streamlines and automates PAM for the cloud

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