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2024 CyberEdge Cyberthreat Defense Report


2024 CyberEdge Cyberthreat Defense Report

Adapting in Cybersecurity: Strategies, AI, and Ransomware Trends

Find out what IT security pros are thinking and doing to reduce risk.  

 CyberEdge surveyed 1,200 IT security pros representing 17 countries and 19 industries to understand their perceptions and strategies for improving their security posture. Their answers will help you adapt to a rapidly changing cyber landscape and confirm you have the right people, processes, and tools in place. 

  • Growing Confidence in Cyber Defense: Security professionals are witnessing a downward trend in cyberattack breaches, reflecting increased confidence in mitigating threats. This optimism is supported by improvements in the Threat Concern and Security Concern Indexes, suggesting a reduced level of worry about cyber threats and challenges to IT security effectiveness. 

  • AI as a Security Enhancer: The integration of AI into security practices is seen as a pivotal move, expected to bolster the detection, blocking, and remediation of cyber threats. AI's role is viewed as a force multiplier, potentially tipping the scales in favor of security teams over attackers, thus creating an "Advantage to Security." 

  • Ransomware Attack Dynamics Shifting: There's a noticeable decline in ransomware incidents and a reduction in the number of organizations paying ransoms, alongside improved outcomes in data recovery efforts. These developments indicate a positive turn in ransomware defense strategies. 

  • Continued Vigilance over Critical IT Assets: Despite these positive trends, the emphasis remains on safeguarding key IT domains, including industrial control systems (ICS), IoT devices, mobile platforms, and APIs, underscoring the need for ongoing enhancement of security protocols. 

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