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Delinea Platform Shared Capabilities

Shared capabilities on the Delinea Platform simplify Privileged Access Management with integrated
functionality that streamlines and simplifies deployment and administration.

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Disconnected and disjointed Privileged Access Management capabilities are cumbersome to manage effectively and make proving compliance time consuming.

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A lack of insight into privileged activity and consistent controls provides bad actors an opportunity to gain access to privileged accounts, critical resources, and data unnoticed.

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A unified view of privileged activities and consistent privileged access controls across your environment helps to mitigate risk, more easily prove compliance, and increase productivity for IT and security teams.

Simplify PAM deployment and administration with shared capabilities across solutions

Siloed Privileged Access Management capabilities and the growing numbers of identities with access to business-critical assets are becoming increasingly cumbersome to manage.

Shared capabilities leveraged across the Delinea Platform ensure streamlined administration, improving operational efficiency and productivity as you adopt and mature your PAM controls.

Using discovery, auditing, analytics, monitoring, and MFA enforcement services in the Delinea Platform reduces complexity and simplifies the management of PAM solutions.

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Continuous discovery identifies privileged accounts and machines across your network

Continuous discovery quickly and efficiently identifies privileged assets and the dependencies across your environment while seamlessly importing them into the Delinea Platform for centralized access and administration.

Continuous discovery enables consistent line of sight into every privileged asset in your environment allowing you to secure and more efficiently manage all privileged access. To further simplify controls, admins can set import rules and flexible views to ensure ease of use across all privileged users.

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MFA at Depth provides identity assurance

Implement consistent MFA challenges and requirements to verify users’ identity, regardless of which system they are accessing.

IT and Security teams maintain full visibility across all MFA enforcement requirements, challenges and activity leveraged across all solutions in the Delinea Platform in a single view.

MFA enforcement with cross-solution controls and visibility ensures if someone tries to move laterally, even from one system to another without appropriate permissions, MFA is enforced to support least privilege best practices without complex workflows.

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Audit privileged activity across privileged accounts and identities to increase accountability

Maintain a consolidated record of all administrative and privileged activity through all platform solutions, whether assets are accessed using a secret, agentless remote access or via direct server access outside of the platform.

Integrated and streamlined session recording audits across the Delinea Platform remove the need to match activities, identities, and access while enabling visibility into user interactions, system changes, and transactions on remote machines to mitigate risk, meet compliance needs, and streamline workflows.

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AI-driven analytics quickly identifies potentially dangerous privileged user activities

AI-driven analytics leveraged in the Delinea Platform removes siloed user activity by connecting identities and activity across your PAM environment.

Quickly identify anomalous user behaviors across solutions while utilizing easy-to-read reports that help administrators recognize trends to stay ahead of security threats.

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Marketplace simplifies integrations with existing IT and security solutions

IT and Security leaders need new security solutions to work and integrate with their existing infrastructure and investments to be effective.

The Marketplace is an integrations center within the Delinea Platform, giving full visibility to all integrations, alliances, and partners. This one-stop shop enables IT and security teams to quickly find templates, partners, and integrations with existing solutions to simplify workflows and security within their environment.

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The Vision for Extended PAM

Redefine PAM to treat all users as privileged users and address complex IT environments.

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