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Remote Access Service

Securely manage remote workers and third-party vendors with a VPN-less, browser-based Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH solution

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Why Remote Access Service? 

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Automate Remote
Worker Access

Delinea’s Remote Access Service in the Delinea Platform simplifies and automates worker access management for the IT resources workers need to be productive and secure.

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Scale Your PAM

Scale your security readiness as your business grows, with no inbound firewall rules to open. Agentless deployment means no additional software required on your target hosts. With no end-user clients required, remote access is centered around a modern HTML5-based web client.

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Integrate with Secret Server
on the Delinea Platform

Securely connect servers to users outside the network by leveraging Secret Server’s robust vaulting and RBAC capabilities. Remote Access Service works with both the current Secret Server on the Delinea Platform and Secret Server On-premises.

Provide instant, secure access to remote IT staff and vendors without a VPN

Remote Access Service streamlines remote access deployment and reduces server vulnerability

See how Remote Access Service in the Delinea Platform lets you...

Secure Remote Access

Remote users gain access securely and easily through their web browser with no need to navigate VPNs, SSH clients, RDP clients, or even remember passwords.

Reduce Vulnerability

Insulate your servers from viruses and malware. Remote and third-party workstations are not directly connected to the target network, so malware and viruses cannot infect your servers.

Streamline Deployment

Get up and running with no dependence on VPNs or RDP/SSH clients for your end users. Other competitors need to have client software installed on servers and/or endpoints.

Centralize Third Party Access

The Delinea Platform provides a centralized UI through which users outside the network, third-parties, vendors, and contractors can leverage the Remote Access Service to establish VPN-less remote sessions.

Monitor and Record Sessions

Gain more control over privileged access with agentless session recording by virtue of our new auditing capabilities

Remote Access Service supports extended PAM

The standard definition of PAM isn’t sufficient for the growing risk of cyberattacks. We believe PAM must address the exploding number of identities and today’s IT complexities.

Our products provide effective authorization controls for an identity-centric approach to security.

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Try Secret Server, including Remote Access Service in the Delinea Platform

When your team works remotely or brings in vendors to support a system configuration, maintenance, or troubleshooting, PAM provides just-in-time, just-enough access. When work ends, access expires automatically, eliminating the danger of standing access.

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Learn more about Remote Access Service

With Remote Access Service, remote users gain access securely and easily through their web browser, using a vaulted account in Secret Server. There’s no need for them to navigate VPNs, SSH clients, RDP clients, or even remember passwords.

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