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Securely manage remote workers and third-party vendors with a VPN-less, browser-based Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH (Secure Shell) solution

Explore key capabilities of Delinea Privileged Remote Access at your own pace

The following use cases are available in this interactive demo: 

  • Centralize and secure remote access Give secure access to remote users without a VPN with centralized control and agentless session oversight. 
  • Reduce vulnerability Restrict risk exposure and prevent lateral threats with segmented, site-specific controls to contain breaches. 
  • Implement MFA at Depth: Implement MFA from initial login to server elevation. 
  • Improve audit and compliance Eliminate standing privileges and enhance compliance with AI-powered logging and browser-based live session monitoring. 

You'll be guided through several workflows that demonstrate the value of our solution. 

You can select any of the four demos to take a guided tour. 



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