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The rapid adoption and expansion of Cloud Infrastructure, SaaS applications, and identities has made the job of securing access privileges exceedingly challenging.

Security teams are faced with:

• Limited visibility over access outside their directories
• Fractured controls for each of their environments
• No security layer for IAM infrastructure to identify and mitigate risks

Just in Time Access + Just Enough Privileges = Zero Standing Privileges

Delinea’s Just in Time (JIT) access provisioning eliminates standing privileges by defining when access can be granted and for how long. Authomize complements with Just Enough Privileges (JEP) by reducing access privileges to the absolute minimum required without impacting efficiency. 

The combined solution allows security leaders to:

  • Ensure that only the right identities have the right level of access within the resources they need, when they need it
  • Identify and mitigate excessive access privileges across all cloud environments
  • Increase agility while securing access to your CI/CD pipeline

Download our whitepaper
Achieving Least Privilege with CIEM and Enterprise-Scale PAM
to learn more about this powerful combination.

Authomize Extends Delinea’s Visibility to Secure Identity and Access Everywhere

Authomize complements Delinea’s in-depth visibility of privileged access by extending visibility over all identities, assets, access privileges and activities across your cloud environments.

Authomize aggregates comprehensive, granular identity and access data from Delinea, Identity Providers, cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP), SaaS apps (Salesforce, GitHub, O365, & more), and other sources to detect, track, and understand:

  • Access privilege usage
  • Privileged identities
  • Shadow admins with privilege escalation capabilities
  • Local IAM
  • External users

Secure, Granular Access within Cloud Environments and SaaS Apps Technology

  • IAM Infrastructure security
  • IaaS Security / Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Cross-environmental visibility throughout development stack from IaaS to SaaS
  • Cloud Security Posture Management


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