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Delinea DevOps Secrets Vault Enhances Visibility and Control for Secrets Management Critical to DevOps Pipeline Security

Redwood City, CA — February 15, 2022Delinea, a leading provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions for seamless security, today announced enhancements to DevOps Secrets Vault that up-level secrets management in Kubernetes environments to support the use of custom namespaces and restrict cross-pod access. Additional modernization of the user interface and other secrets management optimizations now help further enhance productivity for both development and security teams. 

In today’s container-driven DevOps environments, Kubernetes provides a mechanism for the applications in pods to access secrets but can also increase risks associated with granting too much unnecessary privileged access. According to the 2021 Forrester report, Secure Innovation Requires Making Secrets Management Invisible, 57% of respondents experienced a security incident related to exposed secrets from insecure DevOps processes in the past two years. DevOps Secrets Vault enables high-velocity secrets management to manage credentials for applications, databases, CI/CD tools, and services without causing friction in the development process.

Efficient and timely identification of abuse of privileged accounts, either from negligent insiders or malicious cyber attackers, is essential for securing DevOps,” said Jon Kuhn, SVP of product management at Delinea. “Delinea’s Kubernetes sidecar extension now supports the use of custom namespaces so pods can only access secrets within that namespace, protecting cluster components from compromise. This prevents pods from accessing secrets they don’t need access to, reducing secrets sprawl and the overall potential threatscape.”

DevOps Secrets Vault now also supports authentication by certificate with its Kubernetes sidecar integration, eliminating the need for client credentials. Using a client certificate to authorize users into a Kubernetes cluster makes the entire DevOps environment more secure by reducing potential exposure to “secret zero,” the master secret key.

Additional updates to DevOps Secrets Vault improve secrets management through the user interface and the Command Line Interface (CLI). New features and improvements include:

  • Improved user experience – The command line interface now offers better help, more comprehensive search, and the ability to create and update secrets with the Delinea wizard’s tool.
  • Several graphical user interface (GUI) enhancements
    • Group management – Tab to add and remove users to/from a group.
    • Role management – View, edit, and delete roles and view Client credentials attached to each role.
    • Secrets management - Ability to view, create, and delete secrets. 

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