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Delinea DevOps Secrets Vault Expands Seamless Secrets Management for Kubernetes Containers and Adds MongoDB Support

Redwood City, CA June 21, 2022 Delinea, a leading provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions for seamless security, today announced the latest release of DevOps Secrets Vault. Among other new and expanded features, the high-velocity vault for developers and security teams offers enhanced support for Kubernetes, providing more secure credentials management for containerized applications. The release also introduces dynamic secrets for MongoDB, increasing the number of developer-preferred databases supported.

Better Kubernetes support for more secure containerized apps 

This release of DevOps Secrets Vault expands secure management of secrets for communication between Kubernetes containers. Enhancements to the webhook include dynamically updated secrets and support for custom namespaces. High-speed credentials management is now available for DevOps teams supporting Windows sidecar containers. 

Harden apps by removing standing access to MongoDB 

MongoDB is one of the top-rated databases in the Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey and an attractive target for cyber attacks. DevOps Secrets Vault introduces dynamic secrets for MongoDB, which can create and delete local users just-in-time in the database. With MongoDB now supported, DevOps and DevSecOps teams have more flexibility in securing access to the databases that developers prefer while minimizing standing privileges.

“Developers know security is important, but often don’t have enough time to prioritize it. The focus for DevSecOps should be on seamless usability and automation for elastic and dynamic environments,” commented Phil Calvin, Chief Product Officer at Delinea. “By expanding Kubernetes support and adding dynamic secrets for MongoDB, we continue to give DevOps teams the ability to minimize security vulnerabilities related to hard-coded credentials.”

The latest release also enhances the graphical user interface with auditing, policy management, and expanded secrets management, providing a more seamless and usable security experience compared to the command-line interface.

Organizations can try DevOps Secrets Vault for free at

About Delinea 
Delinea is a leading provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions that make security seamless for the modern, hybrid enterprise. Our solutions empower organizations to secure critical data, devices, code, and cloud infrastructure to help reduce risk, ensure compliance, and simplify security. Delinea removes complexity and defines the boundaries of access for thousands of customers worldwide. Our customers range from small businesses to the world's largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies. Learn more about Delinea on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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