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Delinea and Conversational Geek Publish “Conversational Cyber Insurance”

Second edition eBook is updated and expanded for Privileged Access Management requirements for cyber insurance in 2023 

San Francisco, CA — July 25, 2023 Delinea, a leading provider of solutions that seamlessly extend Privileged Access Management (PAM), today announced the publication of Conversational Cyber Insurance, a resource developed with Conversational Geek to help organizations navigate the evolving requirements for obtaining cyber insurance policies. The eBook is updated and expanded for 2023 with expert guidance from cyber insurance brokers.   
In a November 2022 report on cyber insurance, nearly 80% of respondents to a Delinea survey revealed that they have had to use their cyber insurance policies, with more than half of them using it more than once. However, cyber insurers are pulling back on covering what is most needed, such as ransomware, ransom negotiation, and decision on ransom payment, even as 75% of respondents indicated that cyber insurance premiums increased in their last renewal. 
Conversational Cyber Insurance provides a detailed look at how cyber insurance and Privileged Access Management are intertwined, in addition to what cybersecurity technologies and processes any company will need to obtain or renew cyber insurance. It is a quick guide to cyber insurance that breaks down the choices and the processes for obtaining cyber insurance, and best practices to prepare before applying for or renewing policies. 
“Cyber insurance is coming up in almost every conversation we are having with customers, prospects, and partners as they look for guidance about how to navigate the application and renewal processes, and prove they have the right cybersecurity solutions in place to meet modern threats and reduce risk,” said Rick Hanson, President at Delinea. “Privileged Access Management is critical to meeting increasing requirements and more rigorous processes, to demonstrate not only compliance but also that the organization is prioritizing identity and access controls for its most privileged accounts, devices, and users. This eBook is an excellent starting point to help any organization properly prepare to secure the cyber insurance policy they want at the right price.” 
Readers of the complimentary report will also learn how to read a cyber insurance policy quote to understand coverage categories and key information such as limits and exclusions, and get the questions insurers are sure to ask that influence rates. It also provides key insights about how PAM helps an organization meet cyber insurance requirements. 
To download a free copy of the Conversational Cyber Insurance eBook from Delinea, visit 

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