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Ransomware Trends: Top insights from our latest ransomware report (APAC)

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Ransomware techniques evolve constantly, and attackers continually look for new ways to get you to pay the ransom. Likewise, organizations’ perspectives on the best strategies to prepare for and respond to ransomware attacks are also changing.  

As ransomware spreads, security, IT, and business leaders are grappling with hard decisions on security controls, incident response, and ransomware payouts.  

In our second annual ransomware research survey, we looked beyond the latest ransomware trends to explore changing perspectives and learn how companies tackled ransomware in 2022.  

We surveyed over 300 security decision-makers across the United States, and from a variety of industries, to gain top insights from companies in the trenches of the ransomware battle. We compared year-over-year stats to see what’s changed. What we learned provides a telling glimpse into ransomware in 2023 and beyond.  

In this webinar, Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist and Advisory CISO at Delinea, takes you through the trends and insights revealed by our latest ransomware research. He looks at the evolution of ransomware, the different types of ransomware, and shares incident response best practices.  

Joseph also demos what happens when ransomware is executed on a victim’s machine and walks through a dynamic analysis to show you how ransomware works. 

Who should attend this webinar?  

  • IT Security 
  • PAM experts 
  • IT operations: Systems Administrators, Helpdesk Teams, Infrastructure Management, Workstation Management, etc.

What will I learn?  

  • How you compare with your peers on ransomware readiness and the ability to defend against ransomware attacks
  • Current trends and industry best practices
  • How to prepare your organization to respond to a ransomware incident
  • How other companies are prioritizing ransomware protection
  • What to expect if ransomware is executed on your machine

Get answers to these important questions 

  • Are companies still paying ransomware demands?
  • What techniques are attackers using to target victims?
  • What are the best methods of reducing ransomware risks?
  • Can my company become more resilient to ransomware attacks?

What materials will I receive?  

  • A recording of the webinar 
  • The full ransomware report
  • Delinea’s Free Incident Response Template
  • Privilege Access Management for Dummies eBook