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Modernize Your PAM Program with Delinea’s Maturity Model (APAC)

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The Delinea PAM Maturity Model is a framework to help you systematically lower risk, increase business agility, and improve operational efficiency. 

Identity and privilege-based attacks are increasing but you don’t have unlimited resources for defense. Aligning your program to the stages of Privileged Access Management (PAM) maturity helps you focus on security activities that have the biggest impact on reducing risk.  

Based on cybersecurity best practices and our work with thousands of customers of all types, we’ve identified phases that organizations progress through as they increase PAM expertise and adoption.  

In each phase, you unlock the full potential of PAM: 

  • Controls become more granular and dynamic  
  • Intelligence and automation increase 
  • Integrations embed PAM in your workflows  

Learn the step-by-step framework to increase your PAM maturity, so you can benchmark your current practices, set your priorities, and design a roadmap for the future. 

Who should attend this webinar?   

  • CISOs and Executive Leadership 
  • IT Security Teams  
  • Director of Security & Risk   
  • Director of Security Operations
  • New to PAM 
  • Secret Server Customers 

What will I learn?  

  • PAM capabilities and how they reduce your attack surface.    
  • How to balance productivity and security with PAM.  
  • The framework for continuous improvement for PAM. 
  • The benefits of extending your PAM program beyond the vault. 

Get answers to these important questions:  

  • What should we focus our limited resources on next?   
  • How do we integrate policies and limit overprivileged users?  
  • How can we take a strategic approach to implementing PAM?  
  • Beyond Secret Server, what other PAM controls are essential?

What materials will I receive?  

  • A recording of the webinar    
  • PAM Maturity Model Whitepaper 
  • Server PAM interactive demo 
  • Access to a 30-day free trial of Delinea Server PAM 


Barbara Hoffman
Barbara is Director of Product Marketing at Delinea. She drives marketing strategy and sales enablement for all PAM products and solutions.