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Cyber Insurance: How Secret Server Customers Can Help Avoid Coverage Denial (APAC)

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Let's talk about cyber insurance and how to secure the necessary resources beyond the credentials vault.  

In an increasingly digitized world, organizations face mounting cybersecurity challenges that put their valuable data and operations at risk. Cyber insurance has emerged as a crucial risk mitigation strategy, providing financial protection against cyber threats. However, what used to be a simple set of questions from insurers is now a granular supplemental ransomware questionnaire probing much more deeply into your security controls which, if insufficient, could result in policy denial. 
Join Delinea's cybersecurity evangelist Tony Goulding, and resident cyber insurance expert Barbara Hoffman to hear more about this critical subject. You'll learn about what insurers are demanding and what additional PAM controls beyond your Secret Server vault can help ensure you get the coverage you need.  

Register now to discover the best practices in organizational cybersecurity structures and what cyber insurance compliance means today to help you communicate cyber insurance strategies that will empower your organization! 

Who should attend this webinar?    

  • Secret Server Administrators  
  • Unix/Linux Team Leads, Administrators, Engineers  
  • Identity and Access Management Teams  

What will I learn?   

  • The benefits of extending your PAM maturity beyond Secret Server   
  • What it takes to get cyber insurance  
  • What to expect with the changes from cyber insurers  

Get answers to these important questions:    

  • What does cyber insurance mean to my organization, and how can I ensure I am covered? 
  • How will cyber insurance change my organization's approach to security? 
  • Beyond Secret Server, what other PAM controls are essential to address insurer expectations?  

What materials will I receive? 

  • A recording of the webinar   
  • Server PAM Whitepaper
  • Conversational Geek Guide to Cyber Insurance eBook  
  • Access to a 30-Day free trial of Delinea Server PAM 


Barbara Hoffman
Barbara is Director of Product Marketing at Delinea. She drives marketing strategy and sales enablement for all PAM products and solutions.