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Cyber Insurance: How Privileged Access Management Can Help Avoid Coverage Denial (APAC)

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It’s not a matter of “if” you’ll experience a cyberattack, but “when.” That's why cyber insurance has emerged as a crucial risk transfer strategy to help organizations maintain business continuity, providing financial protection against revenue loss and other expenses caused by successful cyberattacks.   

However, obtaining cyber insurance with desired coverage at a reasonable rate isn’t easy. Insurance providers and brokers struggle to evaluate your risk, so they're looking for more information. What used to be a simple set of questions from insurers is now a rigorous questionnaire probing much more deeply into your security controls. If you can’t supply the answers they expect, you could face higher rates and exclusions or even be denied altogether. 

Join Joseph Brunsman, an expert on technology Errors & Omissions and cyber insurance, and Tony Goulding, Cybersecurity Evangelist at Delinea, on July 27th at 11 AM Eastern to hear more about this critical subject. From Joe, you’ll learn what cyber insurers are demanding, and from Tony, how Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions help you get the cyber insurance coverage you need. 

Who should attend this webinar?

  • CISO, CIO, CFO, CEO and executive leadership
  • Compliance and audit teams
  • Incident response and risk management teams
  • IT security teams
  • IT operations teams: systems administrators, helpdesk teams, infrastructure management, workstation management, etc.
  • PAM experts

What will I learn?   

  • The common questions that cyber insurance providers and brokers include in their questionnaires 
  • The increasingly stringent insurer requirements for Privileged Access Management (PAM), including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), password management, access control, privilege elevation, session management, least privilege, and zero trust policies 
  • How you can demonstrate the necessary security controls to prevent denials in coverage or claims, increased premiums, and delays in coverage 

Get answers to these important questions:    

  • How do insurance carriers and brokers attempt to evaluate my cyber risk? 
  • How do I demonstrate cyber resilience to an insurance company? 
  • What security gaps could cause me to be denied cyber insurance coverage?


Joe Brunsman
Joseph Brunsman
Joe is a uniquely qualified and experienced insurance broker, author, and speaker with a strong technical background. He is a former IT professional who holds a degree in Systems Engineering (Robotics) from the United States Naval Academy, and has experience in database management and network security. As a Naval Officer, he held various positions on various warships, including Electronic Warfare and Combat Information Center Officer. In 2019, he completed a Masters of Law in Cybersecurity Law at the Carey School of Law.