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The Rise of Cyber Insurance: Everything you need to know (EMEA)

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After several tumultuous years, the cyber insurance safety net is in question as costs rise and coverage contracts. We surveyed over 300 IT security professionals from across the United States to understand the real-life experiences companies have in obtaining and using cyber insurance.

In this session we’ll unpack the survey findings and put them in context. Join the discussion to prepare for your next cyber insurance assessment so you end up with coverage and rates that accurately reflect your organization’s risk profile.

Who should attend this webinar? 

  • IT security
  • CISOs and executive leadership
  • Risk management
  • CFOs and financial teams
  • Professionals looking to move into these roles

What will I learn?

  • The factors driving the skyrocketing costs of cyber insurance
  • The role Boards of Directors play in driving demand for cyber insurance
  • Fine print to check before finalizing your cyber insurance policy

Get answers to these important questions

  • What security controls do cyber insurance companies expect you to have?
  • What cyber incidents are excluded from cyber insurance policies?
  • What recovery costs does cyber insurance cover?