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Server PAM Interactive Demos

Explore key capabilities of Delinea Server PAM at your own pace.

The following use cases are available in this interactive demo: 

  • Centrally manage identities: Learn how Delinea Server PAM helps you centrally manage identities and their permissions. 
  • Minimize risk: Learn how Delinea Server PAM can help you minimize data breaches and ransomware risks. 
  • Enforce least privilege: Learn how Delinea Server PAM enforces the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP). 
  • Enforce MFA: Learn how Delinea Server PAM enforces MFA during server login and privilege elevation. 
  • Improve security & compliance: Learn about Delinea Server PAM's queries, quick queries, and session recordings. 

You’ll be guided through several workflows that demonstrate the value of our solution.
You can select any of the five demos to take a guided tour.


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