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Protect identity management infrastructure from attacks, detect and block threats, verify administrator credentials, and respond to incidents with a SaaS ITDR solution

Explore key capabilities of Delinea Identity Threat Protection at your own pace

Learn how Delinea Identity Threat Protection helps with the following use cases:

  • Gain visibility: See across the organization to find the most at-risk and vulnerable identities

  • Protect identities: Discover and fix hard-to-locate identity misconfigurations like disabled multi-factor authentication (MFA), over-entitled identities, and stale accounts

  • Detect threats: Continuously monitor and defend against identity-related attacks such as brute-force attacks and multi-factor authentication (MFA) bombing

  • Investigate threats: Get insight and context around identity-related attacks to security and identity teams

  • Remediate threats: Rapidly respond to identity threats with insight and automation and ease the burden on your security teams

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