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    Top 10 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts of 2019


    Podcasts have transformed the way we digest the news, learn on the go, and optimize our commutes. With podcasts gaining popularity due to their ability to fit into our busy lives, a wave of new cybersecurity experts have launched a series of IT podcasts to keep us informed about the latest security threats, InfoSec tools, and cyber best practices.

    Below you’ll find our curation of the 10 best cybersecurity podcasts designed to educate and advise on all things InfoSec, some in bite-size chunks, others with lots of detail. Happy listening!

    Hacking Humans

    Prefer a story format? You’ll love the Hacking Humans cybersecurity podcast hosted by CyberWire. Each week they cover behind the scenes stories around the latest social engineering attacks, phishing scams, and criminal experts. You won’t want to miss Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan’s stories around scammers’ absurd ways of making a quick buck. The best part, you’ll learn how to spot the con!

    Our Favorite Episode: The best way to break in is to walk through the front door.

    Hacking Humans by CyberWire

    Smashing Security

    Winner of InfoSecurity’s European Security Blogger Award for “The Best CyberSecurity Podcast,” Smashing Security puts a hilarious spin on each week’s tech SNAFUs. Hosts Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault are InfoSec veterans and bring decades of experience to their InfoSec podcast with deep dives on everything from internet threats to GDPR.

    Our Favorite Episode: Doctored videos, Bcc blunders, and a diva

    Smashing Security

    CISO/Security Vendor Relationship

    Plugin your headphones and join well-known cybersecurity experts David Sparks and Mike Johnson, former CISO of Lyft, for a 30-minute dive into the relationship between the security buyer and seller in this lively cybersecurity podcast. You’ll also hear advice on cybersecurity career growth best practices. We love the addition of the “10-second security tip” at the beginning of every episode to squeeze in some extra advice.

    Our Favorite Episode: Do You Know the Secret Cybersecurity Handshake?

    CISO Security Vendor Relationship

    Darknet Diaries

    Jack Rhysder, host of the Darknet Diaries, shares true stories from the dark side. His IT podcast gets geeky and even a bit spooky as he draws you in with disturbing stories of cyber- crime. His unique experience gained working in a Security Operations Center gets listeners hooked and speaks to your inner detective. And if you need another reason to start listening, Darknet Diaries also won InfoSecurity’s European Security Blogger Award for “The n00bs – Best new cybersecurity podcast.”

    Our Favorite Episode: No Parking

    Darknet Diaries


    Want to stay out of a cyber criminal’s path? Then this is the IT security podcast for you. Join hosts Geoff Siskind and Bruce Snell as they give you an in-depth view into the mind of cyber criminals and how they hack into our daily lives leveraging everyday items from coffee makers to smart pet devices. Be warned, this podcast will make you second guess your next smart home device purchase.

    Our Favorite Episode: And We’re In


    Unsupervised Learning

    Host Daniel Miessler provides Content Curation as a Service (CCaS) in his IT security podcast with the right amount of easy-to-digest cyber bites. Daniel spends 5-20 hours a week researching complicated concepts around security, technology, and humans to then produce a short 15-30-minute summary of the most important aspects. In our favorite, Daniel tackles the 2019 DBIR Report in just under 20 minutes. Listen below.

    Our Favorite Episode: No. 177

    Unsupervised Learning

    What’s new in cybersecurity? The increased risks associated with employees working remotely.
    Learn how you can protect yourself: Best Practices and Cybersecurity Tips for Working Remotely

    Risky Biz

    Want to keep up with the latest cybersecurity news? Then this cybersecurity podcast is for you. You’ll hear about weekly information security headlines straight from host Patrick Grey and his security guests who provide in-depth commentary on the latest breaches.

    Our Favorite Episode: #536—Mar-a-Lago arrest, ASUS supply chain attack and more


    The CISO Minute

    The aim of the CISO Minute is to provide you with digestible information you can act on. Brought to you by Cybercrime Magazine’s Podcast Studio, you’ll hear wisdom from CISOs on a good mix of security topics that are both practical and thought-provoking.

    Our Favorite Episode: Female CISOs and Women in Cyber News

    The CISO Minute

    Malicious Life

    Brought to you by Cybereason, explore the early days of cybersecurity to learn more about the evolution of both the industry and the rise in cyber crime. Host Ran Levi invites cyber criminals and industry experts to reflect on the most notable cyber crimes and shares unknown stories. Prepare to get addicted!

    Our Favorite Episode: The Half Life 2 Hack

    Malicious Life by Cybereason

    DevSecOps Podcast Series

    Integrating security into your DevOps production is an ongoing challenge and means you must stay ahead of cybersecurity. Join the DevSecOps Podcast Series to learn from the leading DevSecOps professionals on lessons learned and how to incorporate additional security principles into your company.

    Our Favorite Episode: Perspectives on the “Sec” in DevSecOps


    Bonus – best new cybersecurity podcast of 2019:
    Cyber Speaks Live

    We wanted to share one of our newest favorites, Cyber Speaks Live! They give you an opportunity to participate in live discussions with a new special cybersecurity guest each week. A few of their most notable guests include Have I Been Pwned’s Troy Hunt & BSides co-founder Jack Daniel. Our own Chief Cybersecurity Scientist Joe Carson recently joined to chat about all things least privilege security. Listen below.


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