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Manage SSL Certificates, License Keys, and more in Secret Server


Updated: December 16th, 2020

Do you have copies of your SSL certificates, license keys, network documentation, and APIs? Of course!
Can you easily search for all of those in one place? Maybe.
Is your repository well-organized, access-controlled, and encrypted? Probably not.

In addition to passwords and secrets, Delinea's Secret Server helps you secure sensitive technical information in an encrypted, digital vault.

Instead of using cumbersome document file shares or a SharePoint plugin to store your technical content and supporting documentation, why not leverage Secret Server? You’ve already committed your admin username and password to Secret Server. By editing a Secret template, you can easily create a designated file location for each workstation, server, and appliance in your network.

  • You’ll know precisely where all your documentation is stored.
  • Secret Server admins can require fields to contain data before saving new secrets. You can require metadata on ownership, related services, and more.
  • You can control who has access to valuable technical assets, and report on access, just as you can with any secret.
  • Disaster recovery features (Microsoft SQL clusters, mirroring the database, and frequent database backups) for Secret Server add extra protection for your critical technical documents.
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