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Secret Server: Enhancements for the new reality of cloud and remote work


The modern IT environment is diverse and constantly changing. In the always-on, Internet-connected global marketplace, traditional perimeters are disappearing as most organizations rely more and more on cloud-based applications to conduct business.

Now, you can simplify the management of an IT environment that includes multiple cloud instances, remote workers, and 3rd-party contractors

It’s challenging to keep track of all the moving parts and manage them in a scalable, repeatable way. The latest release of Secret Server enables security and IT ops teams to simplify the management of this modern IT environment as it expands to include multiple cloud instances, remote workers, and third-party contractors. New PAM capabilities and an improved user experience make security control and oversight easier and more consistent.

Increased cloud visibility and control over multiple platforms

Cloud discovery is an essential security control PAM teams need to help ensure that best practices are being followed. Last year, we released continuous AWS account discovery to increase oversight of the most-used cloud platform, but we’re not stopping there. Over ¾ of organizations use AWS plus another IaaS/PaaS platform. Secret Server 10.9 helps you manage multiple cloud platforms with consistent PAM policies and practices.

  • Google Cloud discovery. Security and IT administrators can now easily identify active resources in Google Cloud. Secret Server 10.9 connects to Google Cloud infrastructure to detect running Windows and Linux instances and identify accounts being used on those resources. Once you know which accounts are used, you can secure GCP IAM service accounts with Secret Server controls such as secret creation and key rotation.

  • Azure AD and LDAP directory integration. To simplify management even further, you can now synchronize users and groups in Secret Server with users and groups in an Azure AD and LDAP. Admins can now easily manage groups from a single interface. You can use Azure AD to manage assignments in Secret Server and connect Secret Server to Azure AD to retrieve a list of groups.

Faster implementation and improved security to improve productivity and reduce alert fatigue while supporting a remote workforce

Managing a large-scale remote workforce is now an expected part of IT security. This unanticipated shift has compounded pressures on already thin IT organizations. In this latest release, you’ll find additional features and functionality to keep remote workers secure and IT admins productive and safe from losing sleep.

Session Connector. IT environments with remote and third-party workers increase the challenge of deploying and managing agents used for session recording. Now, a clientless, agentless option allows organizations to route connections through existing PAM infrastructure to record video and keystroke data.

Security auditors can now review session recordings more easily and can also review keystroke and video recordings together, even if they are recorded at different points in the connection infrastructure.

Automated security checks. Admins struggle to identify and react to user behavior that increases the risk to privileged accounts. Automation helps them respond immediately. For example, if a user uses the “lost my phone” link, Secret Server can automatically ensure 2FA. If a user leaves the company, Secret Server can automatically delete all secrets owned only by that user.

This new capability extends task orchestration to include event types to automate additional tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. Admins avoid alert fatigue and improve productivity with highly customizable actions in response to common activities or triggers.

Out-of-the-box DevOps integration and sync. DevOps teams use DevOps Secrets Vault for fast API access and CI/CD pipeline integration while also benefiting from capabilities of Secret Server such as credential rotation. With this release, integration between the two platforms is simple. Secret Server can now create secrets in DevOps Secrets Vault and periodically push updates to those secrets.

It’s more and more challenging for IT admins and security teams to manage an increasingly diverse IT environment in a consistent way. Every part of this release is designed to help customers simplify management so their work is scalable, repeatable, and saves time.

You can test out all of these features for yourself with a free, 30-day trial of Secret Server.

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