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Reducing Cloud Security Complexity with Seamless Privileged Access Management Built for the Cloud


Controlling access is one of the biggest concerns with multi-cloud security

“Even though nearly 70% of companies invest more than 25 hours a week on cloud identity management, 83% had at least one access-related cloud data breach.”
2021 IDC survey

Identity-related security breaches remain a top concern in our hybrid, multi-cloud world. With assets distributed across on-premise and the cloud, IT struggles to secure them and provide admins, internal employees, contractors and outsourced IT with secure remote access in a controlled fashion with unified access governance.

Cloud transformation journeys typically result in a hybrid IT infrastructure, making privileged access security more challenging. According to the 2021 Thales Global Cloud Security Study, 55% of businesses indicate a preference for a ‘lift & shift’ approach to cloud adoption over re-architecting. This is one of the major missteps—trying to force-fit legacy Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to work across the hybrid cloud infrastructure. Unfortunately, incumbent PAM and IAM technology—designed for the data center—is ill-equipped to protect your organization from inappropriate access and privilege risk.

Your PAM solution doesn’t have to be complicated

There’s no doubt that cloud architectures and end-to-end cloud security solutions are complicated, but your PAM solution doesn’t have to be!

The short answer for most organizations is a modern PAM solution that is purpose-built for the cloud to address challenges across multiple fronts—risk, cost, productivity, and compliance.

Privileged access solutions should enable productivity, not hinder it

When planning for a cloud-centric architecture, it is essential to understand that there is a difference between PAM software that is simply “lifted and shifted” from an on-premise data center to the cloud and a modern PAM solution purpose-built for cloud use cases. Traditional PAM solutions are designed for the data center and don’t easily fit cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios. PAM designed for the cloud adapts well to multi-VPC and multi-cloud infrastructures. It can scale quickly to embrace the high-velocity demands of DevOps teams and the elastic nature of the cloud where virtual instances and containers are transient. PAM automation is key, here. Usability and security go together to increase adoption and decrease mistakes.    

A modern cloud-native SaaS solution, Delinea's Cloud Suite is the preferred PAM solution to protect the modern, hybrid enterprise against identity-based attacks. Founded on the zero trust Principles, Cloud Suite protects critical infrastructure where the data resides, on the host itself.

Easy to deploy and use, Cloud Suite can be up and running in less than an hour. Customers avoid a complicated and protracted IT project to deploy PAM software and supporting infrastructure on-premise and the ongoing cost for maintenance and operation. With an intuitive UI, our SaaS Cloud Platform enables centralized management of access, privilege, and MFA policies plus visibility and control of privileged access across all your endpoints, wherever they live.

Cloud Suite Simplifies Group Management on Linux Systems

Many organizations have a blended IT infrastructure consisting of Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers. Cloud transformation projects migrate these systems and the applications that run on them from the data center to multiple cloud providers. Managing identities efficiently on Unix and Linux systems in this rapidly changing landscape is a considerable challenge.

We’ve heard from customers and prospects how their security teams struggle to find the right tools to centrally manage Linux user groups across their infrastructure. Recent updates to Cloud Suite now provide this capability. From the Cloud Suite UI, customers can add users from cloud directories (for example, Active Directory, LDAP, Okta, Azure AD, etc.) to existing local Linux groups. By simplifying user management and deployment through a centralized administrative experience, Delinea customers experience greater efficiency in controlling access to mission-critical workloads.

Additionally, the group membership management capabilities of Cloud Suite now offer an ancillary benefit of increased security by making rapid, responsive group membership permissions changes during a cybersecurity incident. For example, during a breach in progress, administrators can disable Linux groups to cut off access to a specific Linux machine or account, thereby removing the bad actor’s access as well.

For more information on the recent updates, check out the release note here.

Seamless security is the future, and we want to build it with you.

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