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Ditch Your VPN: Delinea Privileged Remote Access is here


Did you know 58% of ransomware incidents exploit a remote access vulnerability?

Recent research makes it clear: Relying on traditional remote access solutions like VPNs and network firewalls opens the door to attack vectors like malware and credential theft.

If you’re like most distributed organizations, you’ve got a hodgepodge of inconsistent approaches to remote access for employees, third-party contractors, and vendors. As a result, remote access can be a nightmare to use, manage, and secure. You have no way of knowing exactly which remote users are operating in your environment and what those individuals are doing once inside.

In this blog, you’ll learn how companies are replacing the traditional mix of remote access solutions with a centralized, browser-based approach so they can reduce cyber risk, increase user productivity, and ensure consistent governance. 

VPNs have long been plagued by security issues

VPNs fall short in addressing remote privileged access challenges because they lack robust authentication, governance, and visibility. Recently, cyberattacks that leverage critical vulnerabilities in VPNs have surged.

For example:

To overcome these challenges, forward-thinking IT and security decision-makers are pivoting towards remote privileged access management (RPAM) solutions that align with the Principle of Least Privilege and help reduce attack exposure by granting users access only to the resources they need for their work and never the full network itself. In doing so, companies can fortify  their defenses against external threats, minimize the risk of lateral movement, and ultimately, enhance their overall security posture. 

RPAM tools extend the access control capabilities of traditional PAM solutions, while delivering greater connectivity and privilege controls than secure remote access (SRA) or zero trust network access (ZTNA) solutions.

Enter Delinea Privileged Remote Access

Delinea Privileged Remote Access, Delinea’s RPAM solution, enhances the way IT and security leaders manage and secure remote access with a seamless, browser-based solution that eliminates the need for traditional VPNs.Privileged Remote Access Product Features

Enhanced security

As an integral part of the cloud-native Delinea Platform, Privileged Remote Access provides centralized authorization for remote sessions with credential injection—whether a vaulted credential or an Active Directory identity—to eliminate the exposure of privileged credentials on the endpoint. This approach means remote users never need to remember or even see a password.

Ease of use

Privileged Remote Access simplifies access by enabling clientless and VPN-less secure connections. Deployment is streamlined, eliminating the need for agents and local clients for rapid, efficient setup. The platform also integrates seamlessly with existing identity management systems, ensuring that users are authenticated and authorized efficiently.

Moreover, Privileged Remote Access is designed for agility, enabling time-bound access with rapid provisioning and deprovisioning of remote sessions in as few as three clicks. Remote employees and third-party vendors get the access they need right away so they don’t get frustrated and can get their jobs done.

Consistent, granular oversight

Most remote access solutions offer limited auditing with only basic event logs, increasing the chance you’ll miss malicious activities and fail to meet compliance requirements. Privileged Remote Access introduces a higher level of governance by actively monitoring remote sessions with live and AI-driven auditing. It applies context and intelligence that help you and your team recognize suspicious behavior quickly and stop attacks in progress. The Delinea Platform ensures that all actions are tied back to individual identities, providing a clear audit trail and ensuring that all activities are properly authorized.

See how you can secure privileged remote access in as little as 3 clicks

Delinea’s interactive demos showcase the simplicity of using Privileged Remote Access for key use cases. These demos emphasize the importance of streamlined remote access for vendors, third parties, and internal employees, ensuring remote users can work securely without hassle.

Don’t take my word for it though—dive into the Delinea Privileged Remote Access interactive demos here.