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Delinea and Fastpath

Revolutionizing Identity Security

We’re excited to share the vision for combining Fastpath access control and IGA capabilities with Delinea Privileged Access Management. 

By adding Fastpath’s solutions to the Delinea portfolio and ultimately unifying them within the Delinea Platform, you can strengthen your security posture, increase your team’s productivity, streamline compliance, and operate with confidence, supported by the most secure and resilient SaaS platform in the market.   

Watch this short video as Jon Kuhn, Delinea’s SVP of Product Management, shares more details for bringing Delinea and Fastpath together to reduce identity-related risk at every point in the attack chain.  


As the integration between Fastpath and Delinea progresses, we’ll be keeping you up to date and are always open to hearing your questions and feedback.

Talk with your account manager, or Contact Us to set up a discussion to learn more!