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Privileged User Activity Auditing Whitepaper

Privileged User Activity Auditing:
The missing link for enterprise compliance and security

If you are like most enterprises, chances are, you are trying to lower costs through outsourcing, off-shoring, and contractor staffing and increasingly relying on cloud service providers and software vendors to manage critical parts of your IT environment. With so many privileged users, how do you create accountability? How do you guard against unintentional and malicious actions that may lead to a system failure or data breach? 

Ensure every privileged session is monitored and audited across your extended enterprise, creating a high level of visibility on Unix, Linux, and Windows systems in the data center and in the cloud. Additionally, your auditing approach should scale up to meet your growing needs without interruptions and with minimal administrative resources. 

Learn how Delinea’s auditing and monitoring capabilities offered via Server PAM can:  

  • Help manage, monitor, and record administrative access to your critical infrastructure. 
  • Allow auditors, security, and operations staff to quickly troubleshoot system failures and spot suspicious activity. 
  • Capture user activity with enough granularity to address compliance requirements. 
  • Provide a complete solution for real-time and historical user activity auditing across a broad set of platforms deployed on-premise and in the cloud 
  • Solve the security, compliance, and third-party access challenges that most organizations face. 

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