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Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Template - Cover

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Template

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your privileged accounts

Start with our FREE, customizable Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Template

Delinea’s free cybersecurity incident response plan template helps you reduce the risk of a cyber breach becoming a catastrophe.

The template helps enable your IT operations, security, and incident response teams to:

  • form a united front against an attack
  • plan and coordinate a rapid response
  • maintain your business continuity

    The incident response plan template contains a checklist of roles and responsibilities and details for actionable steps to measure the extent of a cybersecurity incident and contain it before it damages critical systems. You can readily customize the template to match your incident response policies, regulatory requirements, and organizational structure.

    Recent high-profile hacks make it clear: You must plan ahead and be properly prepared to respond to a cybersecurity breach!

Make a Plan!
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