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Cybersecurity Team's Guide to Technology Decision Making

Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders

Avoiding pitfalls, evaluating solutions, overcoming barriers

Global research reveals how IT ops and cybersecurity leaders make technology purchase decisions

Delinea sponsored research conducted with more than 900 senior IT security decision-makers working at organizations with 500+ employees, located in the following countries: UK, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Singapore, and Malaysia. 

Read this report to learn from your cybersecurity colleagues about: 

  • Who is getting more budget for cybersecurity investments in the wake of COVID19 
  • What are the big drivers for convincing the board to make new cybersecurity investments 
  • What criteria do companies use when evaluating cybersecurity technology purchases 

Key takeaways from your peers in this report:

  •  Spending on cybersecurity is expected to increase, with organizations adding more technology and many moving to cloud solutions. Yet half of the organizations admit their technology purchases are never fully utilized. 

  • Most companies make decisions on technology purchases based on benchmarking and analyst reports, with “proof of concept” the preferred method of evaluation. IT operations and security teams have nearly equal say in the final selection.
  • Boards appear to be supportive of increased cybersecurity investments, frequently motivated by internal security incidents and compliance audit failures. However, barriers to securing cybersecurity investments remain. 

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