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Browser Stored Password Discovery Tool

Browser-Stored Password Discovery Tool

See which users have risky stored passwords

Browser-stored passwords are notoriously easy to steal

Security experts recommend you never save passwords using a browser’s “Remember Password” feature. Browser-stored passwords may make it faster and easier to log in to resources, but they dramatically increase your risk.
  • Browsers typically don’t use strong encryption for passwords
  • Inspector tools make it easy to reveal browser-stored passwords and require zero programming knowledge
  • Password recovery tools can easily find these passwords
  • Users rarely monitor or change passwords once they store them in their browser

Delinea’s Browser-Stored Password Discovery Tool identifies browser-stored passwords among your Active Directory users.

A quick scan of your environment pinpoints which users are storing passwords in their browsers and on which websites and applications. Based on the findings, you can build a prioritized list of actions to help you reduce risk.

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  • Your information is completely private. Delinea has no access to your system credentials or report results.
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