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SECRET SERVER FEATURE: Distributed Engines

Integrate custom and 3rd-party apps


Overview of Distributed Engines:

For a Privileged Access Management tool to be effective, it needs to scale for enterprise use and provide the speed to change passwords and permissions immediately.

With Distributed Engines, Secret Server provides scalability and rapid results for some of the largest networks in the world. Using secure network communication, queueing, and parallel processing, Secret Server can discover network credentials, verify whether the password you have on file is correct, and automatically change passwords on thousands of accounts in mere minutes.

You can install a Distributed Engine in a remote site and allow it to operate many functions. Communication with Secret Server Cloud also requires the Distributed Engine to be installed.


Site Connectors, Sites, and Engines

A Distributed Engine is composed of Site Connectors, Sites, and Engines:

  • An Engine is a Windows service that does the actual work, such as password changing, Heartbeat checks, Discovery, and more. Each Engine belongs to a Site.

  • A Site can be thought of as a bucket of work items for a particular network area. Each Engine is assigned to a single Site, but each Site can include multiple Engines, significantly increasing throughput.

  • A Site Connector is a Windows service that holds the work items for several sites. The Site Connector can be either RabbitMQ or MemoryMQ (a built-in service developed by Delinea). Each Site can only be assigned to a single Site Connector, but you can have multiple Site Connectors running on separate machines, each storing work items for multiple sites. Those Sites, in turn, distribute the work items among multiple Engines. The ability to add new Site Connectors, Sites, and Engines as needed makes Distributed Engine a highly scalable solution.

Sizing guides are available, and a Delinea technical expert can help you understand what is needed for your enterprise network. For more detailed information on Distributed Engines, please visit our Technical Documentation.


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