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Secret Server Feature: Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery capabilities for IT emergency scenarios


Overview of Disaster Recovery:

Secret Server is designed with multiple disaster recovery capabilities to make sure your organization’s critical data and employees’ hard work will be preserved.



Break the Glass

When you need emergency access to a Secret, you can run Secret Server in Unlimited Administrator mode. In this mode, an administrator has access to all secrets and folders even without explicit permission. By using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), this mode can be set up so that two people must agree before the feature can be used. Unlimited Administrator mode is audited within Secret Server, and an automatic email alert can be sent whenever it is accessed.


High Availability through Web Server Clustering

See the full Secret Server Features Chart for availability in different versions.

Web server clustering provides both high availability and load balancing by allowing multiple web servers to run Secret Server. A clustered environment is key critical in disaster recovery scenarios as you can automatically failover to a separate web server with no downtime. Additionally, performance is improved through load balancing by having multiple servers processing requests simultaneously.


Database Mirroring

See the full Secret Server Features Chart for availability in different versions.

Secret Server supports SQL AlwaysOn and Database Mirroring to create a real-time backup of all stored data. You can configure your SQL database with a primary, secondary, and witness server or use AlwaysOn availability groups to set up automatic failover. With SQL automatic failover, Secret Server offers high availability and data redundancy. A hot backup of the web server and database aids in disaster recovery and limits downtime of a vital instance.

Database mirroring and AlwaysOn are configured in SQL Server and the failover partner is specified in the advanced setting in Step 3 of the Installer.



See the full Secret Server Features Chart for availability in different versions.

For multiple sites, Secret Server supports SQL replication through the Georeplication module. This configuration can be used if each site needs its own active copy of Secret Server at all times. If for any reason, the link between sites goes down, changes are written locally, and then synchronized to the other sites when the link comes back up.


Resilient Secrets

This feature allows Secret Server customers to replicate secret data to another instance, either on-prem or cloud, with automated syncing across instances. This ensures organizations have continuous access to secrets and reduces the risk of downtime or disruption in privileged access, even during an emergency incident.


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