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ThycoticCentrify Strengthens Just-In-Time Privilege Elevation for Vulnerable Workstations

Santa Clara, Calif., and Washington, DC June 22, 2021ThycoticCentrify, a leading provider of cloud identity security solutions formed by the merger of Privileged Access Management (PAM) leaders Thycotic and Centrify, today announced adding new privilege management security capabilities to Thycotic Privilege Manager. The latest release enhancements strengthen customers’ ability to protect user workstations, often an attractive target for malware and ransomware, and streamline security and compliance reporting across different operating systems.

The acceleration of digital transformation has impacted organizations of all sizes and industry sectors as attackers continue to exploit the expanded threatscape and changing attack surfaces. Often, attackers seek to gain initial access to critical infrastructure by simply logging in and escalating their privilege to move laterally across distributed and decentralized networks. Once privileged accounts have been compromised, cyber criminals can exfiltrate sensitive data without ever being noticed.

Thycotic’s Privilege Manager solution enables enterprises to ensure workstations adhere to a least privilege policy by removing local administrator rights that allow cyber criminals entry into an IT environment. Privilege Manager mitigates critical vulnerabilities, without disrupting business users or IT support teams, by elevating privileges to provide just-in-time, just-enough access and employs allow lists, deny lists, and sandboxing for granular application control. Privilege Manager supports large enterprises that use different types of reporting tools and workstations with different operating systems.

To support enterprises as they scale, the latest release of Privilege Manager includes new and expanded integrations, security updates, and UX/UI improvements.  

  • Enhanced SAML 2.0 support allows federated authentication from Okta and other SAML providers, improving adoption and ease of use.  
  • Console logging to SIEM systems such as Splunk allows security teams that manage reports and alerts to see administrative actions within a single pane of glass.   
  • Security teams can also generate CSV reports to review, share and upload to any reporting system they use.  
  • Reports confirm workstations have the latest version of all policies installed. 
  • Approvals and justification workflows are streamlined for both Mac and Unix/Linux systems.   

“Reporting to demonstrate security best practices and regulatory compliance is challenging for many enterprises because they have so many siloed systems and processes,” said ThycoticCentrify’s Vice President of Product Management, Jai Dargan. “With these enhancements to Privilege Manager, security and compliance teams can save time generating reports, share them more easily, and feel confident that they include all necessary information executives and auditors ask for.”

More information about Privilege Manager including a free 30-day trial are available.