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Authomize Announces OpenITDR Framework Initiative


TEL AVIV, Israel – (March 1, 2023) – Authomize, the Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) Platform, announced today the launch of the long-awaited OpenITDR Framework. OpenITDR is an open source framework established to enable organizations to protect against Identity-based attacks and facilitate the adoption of ITDR by sharing knowledge, experience, and tools. The OpenITDR project includes:

  • Identity threat response playbooks
  • Open source connectors to collect identity and access data
  • Inquiry APIs for pulling rich identity context
  • Testing tools for identity-based risks and threats
  • Research impacting IAM security

OpenITDR is available on Github and is open to vendors, integrators, customers, partners, and the wider community pursuing an Identity-first Security approach.

Protecting organizations from identity-based attacks highly depends on mounting an effective response. Open response workflows that automate remediation and mitigation increase preparedness for cyber attacks, improving the efficiency of security staff. Authomize has built several automated response workflows around achieving Least Privilege across cloud environments and around mitigating active account takeover threats to your Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. These open source workflows are available on the OpenITDR Github repository for customers and partners to use and extend by adding their own playbooks.

“OpenITDR will grow the ecosystem for the benefit of security teams, enabling them to successfully push actionable identity and access intelligence to drive their remediation ops to keep their organizations protected,” says Authomize’s CTO Gal Diskin. “Our goal is to promote the growth of the ITDR community, making it easier for organizations to incorporate valuable identity into their security decision making.”

Authomize’s ecosystem partners have already begun integrating the OpenITDR framework into their security orchestration tooling. Custom connectors created by customers and partners are built using the Authomize REST API for pulling in-depth data on identities, assets, access privileges, and activities.

“We are excited to join in building out the OpenITDR ecosystem, providing critical Identity Security value for our customers,” says Ravi Neriyanuri, Head of IAM Practice at Templar Shield. “Organizations using Archer can utilize our (Templar Shield) custom connector to incorporate it into Authomize’s ITDR platform and gain in-depth insights into identity and access risks as well as visibility of identities and access privileges that spans across their cloud environment.”

The OpenITDR framework provides unprecedented identity context when connecting to the Authomize inquiry API. The comprehensive and granular data of identities, access privileges, assets, and activities across the entire cloud environment (cloud services, applications, and IAM solutions) delivers rich context that security operations teams often work hard to obtain. It can be used to determine blast radius and help prioritize and investigate security incidents rapidly for faster response to the most critical threats. It is also used for correlation that helps identify threats and risks when making decisions around granting access.

“Authomize’s granular visibility into account takeover attempts, risky access, and usage anomalies across the entire cloud environment, including IdPs, IaaS, and SaaS, provides a highly intelligent risk score,” says Axiomatics’ Chief Product Officer Mark Cassetta. “The OpenITDR framework’s open API enables us to easily enrich our Orchestrated Authorization with the input from Authomize’s Identity Risk Scoring, benefiting our customers with stronger security.”

Organizations interested in learning more about OpenITDR can visit the repository on GitHub, and reach out to Authomize directly.

About Authomize

Authomize protects organizations from identity-based cyberattacks with the first Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) Platform. Authomize collects and normalizes data of identities, access privileges, assets, and activities from cloud services, applications, and IAM solutions in order to detect, investigate and respond to identity risks and threats. Customers use Authomize to gain visibility of actual access, achieve least privilege across cloud services and applications, secure their IAM infrastructure, and automate compliance and audit preparations. Backed by Innovation Endeavors, Blumberg Capital, Entrée Capital and Microsoft’s M12 venture fund, Authomize is headquartered in Tel Aviv and Austin. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for news and updates.