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The Impact of Business Alignment on Cybersecurity Effectiveness: Bridging the Gap between Metrics and Objectives - APAC

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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity and business alignment have become imperative for organizations to thrive. However, a significant challenge lies in the lack of proper metrics that reflect this alignment, hindering cybersecurity teams from effectively communicating their impact and securing the necessary resources. 

Join us for an engaging webinar as we delve into the findings of our comprehensive global survey, where we examined the alignment of cybersecurity programs with business objectives. We explored the decision-making processes of over 2000 cybersecurity leaders in enterprises with more than 500 employees, shedding light on the struggles they face as business enablers. 

During the study, we found a prevalent disconnect between the metrics used by cyber leaders and the desired business outcomes, leading to negative impacts due to the misalignment of cybersecurity to business goals for 89% of survey respondents.

Additionally, we will delve into key cybersecurity metrics that enable organizations to assess the effectiveness of their strategies and make informed decisions about resource allocation. These metrics include risk management, compliance, business continuity, cost, and productivity. 

Register now to reserve your spot and gain access to the complete research report, "The Impact of Business Alignment on Cybersecurity Effectiveness: Global Survey of Cybersecurity Leaders." Together, let's unlock the potential of cybersecurity as a strategic enabler for organizational success. 

Who should attend this webinar?

  • IT Security 
  • CISO and Executive Leadership 
  • IT operations: Systems Administrators, Helpdesk Teams, Infrastructure Management, Workstation 
  • Professionals looking to move into these roles 

What will I learn?

In this webinar, we will explore how organizations can incorporate business metrics into their cybersecurity programs to ensure alignment with strategic goals. We will provide practical insights on: 

  • Identifying critical assets and systems that need protection to maintain business operations 
  • Establishing metrics that measure the impact of security controls on availability, confidentiality, and integrity 
  • Adopting a risk-based approach that combines technical metrics with business outcomes for informed decision-making 
  • Improving communication and collaboration with key stakeholders to align activities and priorities 

Get the answers to these important questions 

  • What is the impact to cybersecurity when it is not aligned with the business? 
  • Who should the CISO report into to be effective? 
  • How do executives view cybersecurity against business value?